Blue Nova Capital invests in early-stage start-ups that are led by passionate founders with strong visions. Our approach combines focus with flexibility to promote extraordinary growth potential and industry disruption.



We are industry and market agnostic since we believe that the best ideas are those that have the potential to make a cross-sector impact. For us, innovation is all about creating experiences, not just better products. While a narrow focus on existing structures often limits the imagination of what can be achieved, we support forward-thinking solutions that push boundaries. Blue Nova Capital strives to provide an ecosystem that promotes interdisciplinary thinking and open-minded exchange.

Seed and Early-Stage

Blue Nova Capital backs founders while they are at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. We seek compelling business models that demonstrate a well-defined value proposition and a clear path to growth. Investing at the seed or early-stage level allows us to enable their launch and observe their evolution into promising businesses. We assist innovators in this process by bringing in relevant expertise and strategic knowledge that guides them from ideation to execution.

Team Diversity

Early-stage investments always bear a lot of uncertainties, which is why the quality of founding teams play a crucial role. We are convinced that founders who are able to integrate multiple perspectives in their solutions perform significantly better and have higher prospects for long-term success. For this reason, we embrace culturally, ethnically, gender-diverse founding members who bring unique insights to their business, leading to more creativity and innovative spirit.

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